Edinburgh concert, March 2023

Creative Scotland have very kindly funded a massive #ChoirsForClimate concert in Edinburgh on 5th March 2023! This will take place in Greyfriars Kirk, at 7.30pm. If you’re interested in singing in it, sign up here, and if you’re in a choir, please share with other members too. If you’d like to be in the audience, please book a free ticket on Eventbrite.

Click here to download a digital flyer for the concert.

Thanks to the Creative Scotland funding, taking part is free (small suggested donation if you want us to print music for you).

Rehearsals will be on the two previous Sunday afternoons, 19th and 26th Feb, 2-5pm in the Charteris Centre, Pleasance, and there will be a rehearsal 2-5pm on the day in Greyfriars. Music and learning tracks will be available online so you can learn at your own pace at home – links will be sent in early February.

All singers are welcome, no matter what your skill level! (attending all rehearsals isn’t vital – see below). Under-16s are welcome to join with a parent or guardian; contact Chris if you would find this difficult but would still like to join us.

If you’d like to come along and listen, please put Sunday 5th March in your diary (concert will be in Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh, in the evening). Admission will be free, with a collection afterwards for environmental causes. Please book a free ticket on Eventbrite so we can keep track of numbers.

If you like keeping track of your events using Facebook, click here for the event page.

This follows on from our come-and-sing event in September 2022, which was very well attended (thank you to everyone who came!)

We’ll be singing, among others:
Why We Sing
Leave The Oil In The Ground – Jane Lewis, Protest in Harmony
The Rules
Extinction Calypso – Karen MacAulay
Take It Slow, Come With Us, and Blessing from “Songs for the Anthropocene” – Anne-Marie Sanderson
Seal’s Lullaby – Deborah Shaw
Send Lazarus
Come Over – Moira Smiley
Witnesses of Time – Moira Morrison
Money – Laura Attridge / Kate Whitley
World On Our Shoulders – The Real Group

and new works from the #ChoirsForEcocideLaw project by Kevin Fox, Engelhardt Unaeb, Merzi Rajala and more.

If you can’t do all the rehearsals, that’s OK! If you’re a skilled reader, you can probably manage just coming along for the 5th March afternoon rehearsal, come-and-sing style, though doing at least one of the February rehearsals would be preferable, and please take time to listen to the recordings and sing along with everything at least once. If you can’t do the afternoon rehearsal on 5th March, please try to come to both of the February rehearsals if you want to sing in the concert.

Please also let us know about any accommodations which would be helpful for you, including Covid precautions and allergies. (The venues are fully accessible for wheelchair users, and all participants can remain seated throughout if they prefer. We will keep the group well distanced and the spaces ventilated.)

You are also welcome to attend any or all rehearsals if you don’t intend to sing in the concert, and you don’t have to sing all the pieces in the concert. We will have a small group of professional singers leading and supporting each section, thanks to the Creative Scotland funding, and they will be performing a few pieces as a chamber group also.

Sign up here to join the choir.

If you want to simply come and listen, click here to book a ticket on Eventbrite. Admission is free, with a collection at the end for environmental causes.