Songs in 2 or 3 parts

These songs are suitable for any group that wants to sing in harmony – they can all be learnt by ear. Music reading recommended for conductor/director but not required for choir. Easiest songs are listed first.

Available for free

Animals, a song about biodiversity and how humans are destroying it, but with a hopeful ending, that’s particularly suitable for primary school choirs, with words by Brian Bilston and music by Chris Hutchings. For 2-part choir and piano – click here to see the score.

Why We Sing – for 2-part choir and piano, by Chris Hutchings. Suitable for children’s choirs or any adult choir: written to explain why we think singing can change the world.

It’s A Beautiful, Wonderful World (mostly-unison choir and piano but with some 3-part harmony). Words and music by Gordon Thornett. Listen to a demo recording on YouTube and click here to download the score.

Justice Choir – many pieces from the Justice Choir Songbook (available free but donations are encouraged) are suitable for climate action. Another World Is Possible and Be The Change are both for 3-part choir.

Nature Songs by Penny Stone – eight easy songs for flexible choirs in 2-4 parts.

Finding Our Way: Songs for the Anthropocene by Anne-Marie Sanderson: four pieces for upper voices (2 for SSA, 1 each for SSAA and SAT). Contact Anne-Marie for scores.

Andrew Downes’ piece World Anthem (words by his daughter Paula) is available for free here (flexible 3-part, a cappella).

Fallen Feathers (flexible 3-part choir, easy, 2020). Words and music by Ben See, in collaboration with a group of 10 year old nature lovers. Download versions for 3-part children’s choir or 3-part adult choir (high/middle/low voices). If you are using this piece, please make a donation to Black2Nature if you can; you can also support the composer directly. Watch Ben’s video to see how the piece can be developed.

Enough is Enough by Oi Musica, Karine Polwart and Heather MacLeod, a song for COP26 available for free in many flexible arrangements. Watch a video and download scores (Creative Commons licensed).

A free arrangement of Louis Armstrong’s classic What A Wonderful World from Mark DeLisser (who arranged the music for the recent royal wedding) is available through #SingTheChange from Music Declares Emergency. Download the music and find out how to share your performance. Includes a version for SSA choir (with piano).

The Rules by Chris Hutchings – a dark and angry piece about who is to blame for ecological destruction. For 2-part choir (some optional 4-part divisi) and piano.

While Sitting Here, Remember Me (SSA) – lyrics and music by Jamie Klenetsky Fay. A piece about memorial benches being covered by rising seas. Contact Jamie via the form on her website to receive a free score.

Where will we go? (SA and piano) – lyrics and music by Jamie Klenetsky Fay, about fleeing climate change. Contact Jamie via the form on her website to receive a free score.

Hear the Cry of the Sea by Peter Burton talks about our love of open spaces and nature, in this case seabirds. For SSA or TTB. Watch a video and view the score. Peter is happy to waive the purchase price if his works are being used for a climate change concert or similar. Buy the piece or contact him here.

Music available to purchase

Lullaby for a Polar Bear – for SABar choir and piano, by Anke de Bruijn & Peter Duiverman (aka Stone&Tara). “Amidst the environmental drama our planet is facing, we thought it would be nice to imagine a world in which a mother bear is singing to her baby without any worry about her or her child’s future.” Watch the YouTube video here (complete lyrics are in the video description). Order copies at Stone&Tara’s website (€2.25 per copy).

Two pieces by Sherry Blevins: I Dream of a World (We Can Begin Again) for SA with piano and optional flute, written in response to hurricanes Michael and Florence; and I Will Always Be There for 3-part treble with piano and a hand clapping section, written in response to the wildfires in California – it uses partner songs, so it’s much easier than it sounds. (Both $2.55/copy)

The Song of the Harp Seal by Adrienne Inglis, for SSA chorus and harp (lever harp or concert harp), tells the story of a mother seal and her pup forced south by the climate crisis. Medium difficulty. $1.99/copy.

Plant a Tree, music by Michael Bojesen, with lyrics by Lisa Freeman, for equal upper voices and Piano. The choir is split into three groups of equal size. Full instructions are included for the dance movements and actions. Watch a performance video. You can order the score from SheetMusicPlus.

Green Songs – 4 environmentally themed songs by Bob Chilcott, for one or two part upper voices with piano. £3.75 per copy from Oxford University Press.