A song about biodiversity and how humans are destroying it, but with a hopeful ending, ideal for younger choirs. The accompaniment is written for piano, but could be adapted for other instruments on request.

Download the full score (piano and choir – full text included, 12 pages)

Download the vocal-only score (4 pages)

The demo below is done by me, so an octave lower than it should be – offers to record it in the right octave would be very gratefully received!

hutchingsmusic · Animals

This would be particularly suitable for a primary/junior school choir, and is easy enough for beginning singers to learn by ear – the required range is from middle C to high E, with an optional high A on the final phrase. Most of the song is unison, but one section is divided into 2 equal parts (call-and-response), and there is further optional divisi at the very end. It could also be performed by older groups.

The text is by Brian Bilston, who has been described as “the poet laureate of Twitter”, and you can read the whole thing here or in the pictures below. Brian has kindly given his permission for the use of the text for this musical setting. It may be reproduced in concert programmes etc. in connection with performances of this piece. For any other use of the text, please contact the author at .

Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.
Please use this piece to raise funds or awareness for environmental causes. For any commercial use, please contact the composer.

(note: the third line has been replaced with “some are hardly there at all” to make the piece more suitable for young singers)

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