Why We Sing

A new piece by Chris Hutchings, written to explain why we think singing can change the world. The third verse can be rewritten to suit whatever cause you are singing about; in the version here, it is to be sung as part of a concert campaigning to make ecocide (ecological destruction) a crime. It’s for 2-part choir with piano, and is hopefully easy enough to be sung by most children’s choirs.

Download the score here, and listen to a sample recording.

Email Chris Hutchings to order a copy for your choir. This is free for ecological or climate campaigning; price on negotiation for other purposes.

Complete lyrics:

Just one voice can start the singing,
Stories grow with ev’ry word,
No-one is too small to matter:
Raise your voice, you will be heard.
So ev’ry day, we make a small advance,
and the snowflakes build to make an avalanche…
That’s why we sing about the change we want to see,
And when we do, we hope that all will hear,
And a melody that we all sing together
can send our message loud and clear,
We’ll sing it without fear.

When we join to sing together
We add up to so much more.
Ev’ryone can make a diff’rence,
Raise your voice and let it soar.
And if we fall, we know we’ll rise again,
and a butterfly can start a hurricane, can start a hurricane…
And so we sing about the world we want to see,
And when we look, we see it waiting there,
And the harmony that binds us all together
will send our message through the air,
We’ll sing it ev’rywhere.

Here and now we want to tell you
Of a law to help the Earth,
No more profits from destruction,
Recognise what nature’s worth.
We’ll start today, and build on what we have,
and a ripple soon becomes a tidal wave…

Today we sing to make the change we want to see,
A fairer world to which we can aspire,
And a song that we all join to sing together
will blaze our message like a fire,
We’ll sing it as a choir, we’ll sing it as a choir!

(The section in italics can be rewritten to suit your own cause or campaign.)