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Singing to change the world

Welcome to Choirs for Climate! This page offers resources for any choirs who are passionate about the environment. Find causes to support, get new music, tips on becoming an eco-friendly choir, and much more.

Recent news and additions

New event and free music! Would you like your choir to sing a free arrangement of Louis Armstrong’s classic What A Wonderful World from Mark DeLisser (who arranged the music for the recent royal wedding)? If so, join #SingTheChange from Music Declares Emergency, inviting singers up and down the country to raise their voices in a call for urgent action to protect our beautiful, living planet. They are aiming to share performances on October 30th. Download the music and find out how to share your performance. The choral arrangement is available for SSA or SATB choir with piano (a backing track can be downloaded if you don’t have a piano or accompanist).

New event! Chris Hutchings, Ben See, Nina Vinther and Alison Burnley will all be speaking at Making Music’s Climate Emergency Event on Friday 8th October, 2-3.30pm, online.

New music: Our Burning World by Rhiannon Randle and Malcolm Guite: to tell it like it is by Lisa Robertson, published by Stainer and Bell, now available for SSAATTBB choir; A New Eaarth by Robert Paterson (choir & orchestra); One Home by Charles Mauleverer (choir & orchestra).

I’ve written an article for Making Music on Choirs For Climate – read it here. “Choirs are uniquely placed to speak truth to the powerful with the songs that we choose for them to hear, and I believe that someday, the right song in the right place will help to save our world.”

The Scottish Classical Music Green Guide and The Theatre Green Book are useful resources for any sustainable arts practitioners. See more resources here.

New music: Extinction Calypso by Karen MacAulay (SATB or solo voice, with piano): songs from Klimachor including “World On Our Shoulders”, “Earth” and “One Planet For All”; “Songs For A Better Planet”, over 30 free songs by Dave Camlin; “They Can’t Put It Back”, three pieces for SSAA by Mary Simmons; “Mass for the Endangered”, a work for choir and orchestra by Sarah Kirkland Snider; “It’s A Beautiful, Wonderful World”, a free piece for choir and piano by Gordon Thornett; “Enough Is Enough” from Oi Musica and Karine Polwart.

Guest post: Dan Cooper of Love Soul Choir writes on going paperless, supporting Trillion Trees and making a greener choir. Read more here.

Panel recording: on 24th June 2021 Music Declares Emergency presented Choirs Addressing Climate Change, a panel for choir leaders and participants discussing issues around the Climate Emergency & plans for COP. Find out more and watch the recording here.

What’s available at Choirs For Climate?

New music, free – much of the music on this site can be downloaded for free and used by your choir straight away.

New music, reasonably priced – a wide variety of environment-themed music for choirs, available from commercial sites.

Becoming an eco-friendly choir – tips and ideas from all around the world on how to reduce your choir’s carbon footprint

Concerts, events and recordings – listen to music online or in person

Resources and information – guides, essays and talks on music and climate change

Causes and charities to support – a list of groups and causes that you could support with a performance or by campaigning

Get involved – join #ChoirsForClimate as a choir director, singer, composer, lyricist, or in other ways

Organisations – other groups working in the area of music and climate change

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