Choirs for Climate

Singing to change the world

Welcome to Choirs for Climate! This page offers resources for any choirs who are passionate about the environment. Get new music, resources, tips on becoming an eco-friendly choir, and much more.

New event! Music Declares Emergency presents Choirs Addressing Climate Change, a panel for choir leaders and participants discussing issues around the Climate Emergency & plans for COP. June 24th, 11am GMT. Panelists: Aubrey Meyer – Climate campaigner & musician; Chris Hutchings – Composer & Founder #ChoirsForClimate; Naala – Vocal Artist; Naveen Arles – Vocal Leader; Nina Vinther – Singer & Environmental Campaigner.

New music: “They Can’t Put It Back”, three pieces for SSAA by Mary Simmons. Click here for details.

Watch “Let Them Not Say” below – released on #EarthDay2021 (22nd April). Find out more, buy the single, and download the score.

New music, free – much of the music on this site can be downloaded for free and used by your choir straight away. Recent additions include: “Fallen Feathers” (flexible 3-part choir) by Ben See; “Let Them Not Say” (SSAATTBB) and “Send Lazarus” (SATB) by Chris Hutchings; and “World Anthem” by Andrew Downes.

New music, reasonably priced – a wide variety of environment-themed music for choirs, available from commercial sites.

Becoming an eco-friendly choir – tips and ideas from all around the world on how to reduce your choir’s carbon footprint

Get involved – join #ChoirsForClimate as a choir director, singer, composer, lyricist, or help in any other way.

Organisations – other groups working in the area of music and climate change

Causes and charities to support – a list of groups and causes that you could support with a performance or in other ways

Comments are not enabled on this site, but if you’d like to add something or ask for something to be changed, please contact Chris Hutchings.