Mass for the Endangered

Mass for the Endangered is a hymn for the voiceless and the discounted, a requiem for the not-yet-gone. Using original text by writer, visual artist, and musician, Nathaniel Bellows, in combination with the traditional Latin, Mass for the Endangered embodies a prayer for endangered animals and the environments in which they live. Written for SATB choir and twelve instruments, the five-movement piece appeals for parity, compassion, and protection, from a mindset — a malignance or apathy — that threatens to destroy the planet we all are meant to share. — Sarah Kirkland Snider

I. Kyrie
II. Gloria
III. Alleluia
IV. Credo (on a ground by Caroline Shaw)
V. Sanctus/Benedictus
VI. Agnus Dei

The piece is for SATB choir accompanied by chamber orchestra (fl, ob, cl, bn, perc, hp, pf, 2vn, va, vc, db). Total duration 44 minutes. This is a challenging piece, but should be approachable for an amateur choir of good readers, as well as for professional choirs.

Click here for more details of the piece (only available for hire at present, not purchase).

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